Q. Can we bring our own food or hampers?
A: All our concerts are outdoor picnic concerts and you are very welcome to bring your own picnic and chairs.

Q. What is the price of the tickets?
A: Please visit the individual event pages for pricing and ticket information.

Q. Is there concessions for Blue Badge holders?
A: We offer a reduced ticket price for Blue Badge holders careers, simply purchase a child ticket at time of ticket purchase.

Q. How are tickets delivered?
A. Secure barcoded e-tickets are delivered immediately by e-mail for you to print at home or just save them to your smartphone/tablet to be scanned on screen. Please enter your enter your e-mail address carefully when booking.

Q. Where can I purchase tickets?
A. Tickets are only available via our official website.

Q. What do you get with priority seating tickets?
A. It guarantees you will have a picnic spot with 50m of the stage, within a designated area, there will be no rush to get to the ground when the gates open for the best viewing spots.

Q. What time do the gates open?
A. Free Parking is available from 3:30pm gates open at 4:00pm.

Q. Is parking included in the ticket price? 
A. Yes, there is plenty of free parking, including disabled parking, provided on each site but there is no overnight parking.

Priory Park has NO onsite parking, please refer to the venue pages for further transport information.

Q. Can I bring a gazebo and is there a charge? 
A. No sorry due to limited available space around the perimeter of the concert arena.

Q. Is there disabled car parking available? 
A. Yes, the car park / area of the car park nearest to the concert site is reserved for disabled parking. Please simply follow the disabled parking signs on the day and ensure that your Blue Badge is clearly displayed in your windscreen.

Q. I’m booking my tickets last minute – will they get to me in time? 
A. Yes, but please note that purchasing last minute is strictly subject to availability. E-tickets are sent immediately to your inbox upon purchase, online tickets are available at any time until the concert starts. You must have access to your e-mails and be able to print your tickets and bring them with you, or download them to a mobile device for on-screen verification.

Q. Can I show my ticket on my smartphone/tablet rather than printing it out?
A. Yes, as long as you are able to fully download and save the ticket to the device, and open it on the screen, the scanners will be able to verify it. Please ensure that you have downloaded the document before you arrive on site as we cannot guarantee enough coverage to do so once you arrive.

Q. What time is the Proms concert Spitfire display?
A. The Spitfire display accompanies the opening piece/s of the classical programme (subject to weather conditions). Please see the ‘Proms’ section of individual event pages for exact timings.

Q. Is there an Info Point / Enquiries desk on site? 
A. Yes, the Info Point is located in the main Concert tent at the rear of the site. Please see staff there if you have any issues or queries on the day.

Q. Is there a good meeting point on site? 
A. We would recommend the main concert tent which is located at the rear of the concert arena.

Q. Is the event suitable for children?
A. Yes, the concerts are the perfect way to introduce children to live music in a fun, informal setting. Children love the picnic style of the event, plus all the excitement of  aerial displays and fireworks. Would recommend though that children under 5 may find it a bit loud and may benefit from a pair of junior ear defenders if they are sensitive to fireworks. As a guideline, we would advise a ratio of one supervising adult to three children under 16, and children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Blank wristbands are available at the Concert Tent – please feel free to take one, write your mobile phone number on it (no names) and secure it to your child’s wrist. In the event that your child is lost, this assists us in reuniting you.

Q. Can I come by taxi, or arrange for someone to drop me off and pick me up? 
A. You are very welcome to arrive and depart by taxi and there are clearly signposted drop-off and pick-up points for taxis on site at each venue. The car parking stewards will direct taxis to these demarcated areas. Please request that your driver returns to the taxi pick-up point by 15 minutes prior to the concert’s scheduled finish time in order to prevent them being held up by exiting traffic. Detailed taxi instructions will be published on the website shortly before each concert. These instructions should be followed by anyone who is dropping off or picking up (not just registered taxis.)

Q. Can I arrive on foot? 
A. The venues are not really suitable for pedestrian access.

Q. I’m looking to bring a large party; can we arrive by coach?
A. Coach parking is strictly limited. If you are thinking about bringing a coach please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q. Where is the best position to see everything on-site? 
A. All members of the audience will be able to see the stage from any position onsite. Although you will be able to hear the concert clearly within the audience arena, for the best sound please stay inside central area.

Q. What time are the cannons and fireworks? 
A. Please see the ‘Proms’ section of individual event pages for exact timings.

Q. Where do I eat my picnic and at what time? 
A. Feel free to make a picnic area for yourselves onsite where you can make a base for your group. People eat their picnic at any time throughout the evening.

Q. Is there food and drink available onsite?
A. Some refreshments will be available to purchase from our vendors, including a bar, tea and coffee, and a selection of hot & cold delicious food offerings.

Q. Can I bring my own BBQ or camping stove? 
A. Unfortunately due to fire and safety regulations we do not allow this, or any naked flames onsite.

Q. Can I go back and forth to the car park throughout the evening? 
A. Yes. You will be given a pass-out stamp when you leave the auditorium to enable you to get back in. Some people choose the interval as a good time to take their picnic paraphernalia back to their vehicles.

Q. Are the house and grounds open to visitors during the day? 
A. Entrance to the venues house and grounds is not included in the price. For information on the house and grounds opening times and prices please contact the individual venues.

Q. Is there a dress code? 
A. There is no prescribed dress code. Most people choose to dress in practical clothing but some take the opportunity to go a bit more glamorous! Most of all, come prepared for the unpredictable British weather!

Q. Can I smoke at the concert?
A. As the event is completely open air, there are no legal restrictions on smoking, with the exception of marquee structures. However, we would encourage you to consider your fellow concert goers before lighting up, and dispose of cigarette ends with care.

Q. Is the concert dependent on good weather? 
A. No, the concert will go ahead in inclement weather. However, in certain conditions, the air display will unfortunately not be possible due to safety reasons.

Q. What would you recommend bringing, and are there any prohibited items? 
A. Please do bring your own seating and picnic and drinks. We recommend bringing appropriate clothing for the weather, and warm clothes even in good weather as it is noticeably cooler after dark. The concert area and car parks are well lit, but it can be useful to bring a torch to help pack up your things and find your car. You are welcome to bring alcohol, glasses, cutlery etc. Knives permitted on site will be limited to domestic knives 5 inches or under and folding knifes with a 3 inch blade or under.
The following are not permitted on site: flame torches, sky lanterns, bbqs, stoves, any naked flames, sound recording equipment. Dogs are NOT permitted (with the exception of assistance dogs). Please do not leave your dog/s in your car.

Q. I am buying tickets under my details but intend to give them to somebody as a gift – will this be ok? 
A. Yes! This is no problem, but please note that your name will appear on the tickets.

Q. If the concert I am buying tickets for is cancelled, will I get a refund? 
A. Yes! In the event that the concert is cancelled you will be entitled to a full refund.