Summer Concerts Social Distancing Rules 2020

These rules are designed to provide maximum social distancing safety for concerts held at Stansted Park, Rowlands Castle Hampshire, Hole Park Estate, Rolvenden, Kent and Three Counties Showground, Worcestershire during August / September 2020.

Updated 17/08/20 at 10:45.

Gates Open at 4:00pm

After such a challenging summer we are delighted that we can now welcome you to Stansted Park this Friday for the first of our Summer Picnic concerts.

In order that you, your party and the rest of the audience can enjoy the event we have agreed the following rules and guidelines with the local authority to ensure a safe and secure time can be had by all.


By attending one of our summer concerts in 2020 you are accepting that you and your group will follow the guidelines below in full. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in you and your group being asked to leave the concert.

The first thing to mention is the new Gates Open time is 4:00pm. This is to give us more time to get everybody safely seated. In addition, due to stage cleaning requirements the Low Down will be on stage slightly earlier from 6:30pm at UK Queen events.

Car Parking

On arrival at the venue you will be asked to park at least 2 metres away from the next car in your row. Please wait for people in car on your immediate left / right (depending how your row is being stacked) to have vacated their vehicle before you and your party get out.

Entrance to the Venue

There will be multiple ticket checking points on entry to the ground. You will be asked to queue in an orderly manner keeping 2 metres away from the group in front of you. Please have your tickets ready for scanning and to ensure the entry process runs as smoothly as possible.


There will be a large area available for you to seat your group. Unfortunately – unlike other years – it won’t be possible for you just to sit anywhere. Marshalls will guide you to your seating area in which your group of up to 6 people are required to maintain 2 metres away from any other group. There will be lines marked out for you to place your chairs on to maintain your distance from the group in front of you. We ask you to remain in your ‘customer pod’ for the duration of the event. Should you wish to stand, please remain in your ‘customer pod’. The only exception is should you need to use the toilets or purchase any refreshments. NB As this is a picnic event there will only be a limited number of vendors available.

Children will not be allowed to run around the showground, and no one will be allowed to approach the stage at any time.

Toilets and Sanitation points

There will be toilets on site, but we ask you to follow the rules for their use which will be displayed around the ground and inside the toilets themselves. On approaching the toilets there will be 2m lines marking out should you need to queue. Prior to using one of the cubicles we ask to sanitize your hands using the sanitizer stations provided. Please then follow the instructions at the cubicle. On exiting the cubicle we ask you to sanitize your hands again prior to returning to your group.

It would be welcomed if could bring your own sanitizer as well for use in your group should you feel the need to do so.


To stop congestion around waste bins (especially at the end of the concert) we ask you to take all your waste home with you. Black Bins liners will be provided as you enter the site.

Leaving the ground

Once the concert is over, please take your time to exit the ground and maintain a 2m distance from groups around you. Marshalls will be present to ensure there is no congestion so please be considerate for your fellow attendees. Please consider waiting until most people have left before you leave.

If you have booked a taxi to pick you up please ask them to turn up by 9:30 to avoid congestion at the main entrance. The pickup/ drop-off point is in the small carpark immediately outside the main entrance to the showground

Marshalls and Signage

There will be plenty of signage around the ground to remind you of and to ensure the social distancing rules are being adhered to. Marshalls will be patrolling the ground should you need any help or advice.


The use of PPE is not required by customers, but you may see some of the stewards or marshals wearing it. If you do wish to use PPE please ensure that you take it home with you and not discard it at the ground.